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UPG started to buy the beds for bobtails back in the mid 80’s from Jarco, we would bring them back to our fabrication shop and put the beds on our trucks, pipe, paint, and the truck was finished. That is when I first met Bill Soulon, over the next 30 years I met Calvin and Kelly. These three people are the contact that I use if I need anything, from support to pricing new bobtails. Jarco has built over 200 bobtail for my company in those 30 years. We have had very few problems with the finished product and when we did Jarco jumped on the problem and corrected it. I have looked at many builders at trade shows and no one can compare to Jarco’s end result. In today’s way of thinking most everybody puts you off and blames everyone else for their mistakes, Jarco knows what the sense of urgency means and what to do about correcting a problem. When Jarco started building my trucks 30 years ago I have not looked at anyone else to do this service that means I am very happy and pleased with what I get from Jarco. I can’t say enough about Bill, Calvin, Kelly and the Jarco team.

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